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this explosion causing a massive fire tha. it quickly spread from
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one house to another more than 150 homes in all ended up burning in the spirit that fire is 50 percent contained. it is still burning this morning. we will have sky for giving you live pictures from the air. all lot of relative still missing this morning they have not been able to search for them because it is too dangerous. there's no power there. there is very little light. search and rescue cannot work the way through the hot spots. it is so dark they can't see where they're going. it will reassess the situation at 6:00 a.m. live crew's are on the scene we will bring you the latest throughout the morning. more than 200 firefighters are fighting this fire. they took the issue the air as well ninth air tankers and aircraft responding to the spirit they may not be flying at this aretie
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because of low visibility. some reports come and early they thought it was a plane that came in. they felt house shake. we had to adjust to speak to neighbors. >> i heard a loud noise of my house show and my kids ran an there is a huge explosion and here it is. it sounded like a plane after the impact there was a very loud noise. it didn't stop with the explosion but now they're saying it's not an airplane >> we have team coverage of the fire let's begin with day and who has the latest from the port of waorigin. >> all the grace note for we saw the fireball are the ball earlier in the morning. it is
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late at night fire trucks are still stage at the perimeter it is far from out. they will be here as well is still trying to knock down the fire in the other areas. we talk to residents some sleep for the lives they sell their houses burned down. another said they smelled gas in this area for more than three weeks. pg&e crews came out but all they said to do was to close the doors and garages. they don't know there was a follow-up after that. several hours later you can see cricket think gray smoke billowing through the skies as they tried to continue to get handle on this. in sambo robert byrd of kron 4 news. >> flames quickly spread to forcing people to run for the lives from their homes. the wind was moving embers from one home
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to the next. only one death so far we expect that number to rise. this fire tore through this neighborhood. the fear is not everybody got out in time before their homes were involved. we continued team coverage. >> the injured were rushed to several hospitals around the area. here is out for at san francisco hospital spokeswoman said 15 people were treated here in the emergency room. she says several other people suffering from burns were transferred right away to the presenter at st. luke's in san francisco. by 9:00 p.m. all but two people were out of the emergency room and all expected to survive. throughout the morning people were dropping off goods europe hospitals. any way they could help. >> shoes jeans, sweaters,
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jackets, shirts. >> 15 people treated here. 7 francisco kron 4 news. >> we have video crowd of people at the shopping center one of the initial shelters put into place for folks to come and gathering defamation. jonathan blum has outside. >> here in the parking lot in san bruno it is evacuate action central for between one-200 people. they have come down to this parking lot coming for help. the american real red cross are here gathering names of people and trying to put them in contact with friends and loved ones who may be looking for them. also figuring out if it will need someplace to stay. and if so it is it is until evacuation is lifted or four weeks to come after finding out their home was destroyed. they announced 53 homes were destroyed. 100 plus more were
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damaged. many people are trying to figure out what the next up is. a lot of good samaritans have showed up hoping to help them with blankets and food and places to stay. this is beginning to unfold. the state will offer its support as well. >> red cross has set up to shelters you see them on your screen. one is the van from veterans memorial at 251 city parkway in san bruno, and the other one is church of the highlands. the church of the highlands is a location for friends and family who were looking to attract down their relatives or friends who may have lived in the area. if you need to find friends or family go there. that's where they will have less of who we know has survived. this gas line explosion insolent incidently if you lived in that neighborhood
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and is safe and is getting accommodation with friends and neighbors you are urged to call the hot line. they're trying to get a head count. to make sure everybody made it out ok. give this hot line at the call. 650-6 1/6-7180. they need to register their tried to get an accurate headcount. they need to find out who they need to look for inside the burning neighborhood. let's get the latest on the weather as well. that was a big factor in why the spread so quickly. it was the winds. will it be a factor again today as they try to get the remainder of this fire under control. >> yesterday the winds were getting up to 21 mi. an hour. today a different story. they're fluctuating between two, three, 5 mi. an hour winds. temperature
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right now at 56 degrees winds are light humidity is high. we have been keeping track of the real time winds as well. its moving out of the northwest. 3 mi. an hour winds, too mild hour winds. when the fog burns off the winds will pick up in the afternoon so sustained winds into the afternoon expected to be 13 mi. an hour. the gust could be as high as 80 mi. an hour. really the morning hours or about the best time in terms of weather conditions. let's look below south take a look at the 7 day around debate to give you an idea. they will warm up in the afternoon getting into the 80s once again in some of the line spots tomorrow expected to be the warmest day of the week saturday temperatures about 88 around the inland spots upper '70s for the bay those '60s for the coast. next week
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temperatures expected to cool off slightly but pretty comfortable forecast. >> everyone is advised to stay away from the area. glenview drive is closed off as well as the northbound. due to the large gasoline explosion appeared to 80 riemann remains unaffected. highway one and i weigh 1 01 error still good alternatives. bridge toll plaza traffic is moving freely about 8 minute trip across the bay standard problem free ride is to make her way through san mateo right now no reports of any problems right now. 1 01 still looking like a good alternative right now. trouble-free ride at the golden gate bridge nice and easy commute from the bottle into the city will take you 22 minutes. >> thank you in we will take a quick break continuing coverage
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of this massive fire in the san bruno neighborhood more the moment. samper and the park district all of its elementary schools will be closed today. though elementary schools open today. cappuccino high school will stay open and will have class's as normal this morning.
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again our breaking news story this morning a dramatic situation in san bruno. the gas line explosion leaving a crater in a suburban neighborhood. this is pitchers from viewers after the initial explosion. it is 50 percent contained. 120 homes have been damaged. at this point there has been one death confirmed in this the worry is that number will rise. again
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most of that neighborhood still too hot to go into so search and rescue have to wait until this morning before they get the sunlight on their side and can go in and see what is left and who may be can still be rescued and all of this. merchants also at the bay hill shopping center stepping in to help. some of the hundreds of residents finding some solace there starbucks was still open at 11:00 p.m. last night they expect the extended hours again today to offer aid and comfort to those who have been displaced. cbs pharmacy the stores stayed open until midnight to help foot dome is a lot as well.victims as well. bee company offered energy drinks for firefighters. safeway stepping up providing sack
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lunches and water. they are sending food items and water to the recreation center. if you happen to be a victim of the fires and have not found your way to the veteran memorial center they have plenty of food and water there. 251 city parkway in san bruno. they are also standing by to provide food for the firefighters of necessary. aerial drops all lot of folks looking at this and said they have never seen something like this in their lifetime. all lot of people standing in shock this morning. morning a moment including a decalogue court declaration of emergency here for coverage continues in 60
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dramatic situation in san bruno. this is what it was like last night shortly after 6:15 p.m. we had that gas line explode rocking an entire neighborhood in this suburb of san bruno. causing a huge flames some of them shutting 80 ft. in the air. the win took embers from one house to another house. in all 53 homes destroyed. burned to the ground after this explosion. 120 others also damaged it all started with that massive fireball. we want to take you as close to the scene as we can with this video and show you how hectic it was. the resources have been coming in from all over. as a matter of fact to leonard law-enforcement officials on the ground on search and rescue standing by they have not had a chance to go in to see if they could find
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survivors. it is just too hot and too dark. with this explosion power went out this entire neighborhood. there is nothing there to help eliminate the area for search and rescue. the situation is too dangerous structures too dangerous they're holding off until 6:00 a.m. to start going from home to home looking for victims. this fire started about 615 la cinq this video taking place at 815 or so. several kron to be worse send pictures and. >> we have received amazing pictures and videos from our viewers on this fire in san bruno. let's take a fall. first off you can see where the phone lines were tied up people across the bay area seeing the smoke from the north bay to the space inferences go down in the peninsula this your snap his
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picture was driving home center at home several people injured the city this picture is fire men taking care of a victim on the ground. you can see the flames mass of flames and smoke off in the distance. elvis video right here in the gas line when it was not tapped enormous claims bursting into the sky. the massive fire ladder trying to douse out the flames but it is not working. you can see the explosions continuing. firemen blocked out in front you just see flames and thick black smoke continuing coverage on kron 4. >> again to send us your pictures appeared we will incorporate them into our
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coverage this morning and throughout the day as well. we did have a chance to speak with the senator he represents that area in san bruno. he said earlier there has been a state of emergency declared he toured the area he said all state emergency resources have been deployed. >> the state has declared this a state of emergency the lieutenant governor has signed that. with that has released a assets to fight this fire. we have helicopters trucks up there. this fire started because of an explosion of a gas main. it is compromised water mains as well. as a result water pressure is not as high. we have to truck water up there so will be along fight on this one mainly tough to rain up their and we will
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hopefully try to get this done as quickly as we can. >> will more resources continue to pour in? >> absolutely. we will rely on the local command search. to tell us what more they need we are prepared to release those assets to take care of whatever so that we can take care of this fire as quickly as possible. >> he talked about resources on the scene to helicopters, two engines, and sorry to an engine provided. and cal fire. 200 police officers on seen as well. this at doral investigation will take time. they're doing what they can at the state level. introducing legislation that could direct relief dollars to the area. we're watching for that. look for more to come down
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he mentioned lieutenant governor general on the scene there. we will get more on the weather in the area the winds could play a big factor for that. >> a lot of time some of the what the strongest winds move through the san bruno gap. yesterday at the time of the explosion of the wind was up to 21 mi. an hour. much improvement in the whether this morning the wind right about 3 mi. an hour moving out of the west northwest humidity is high out there also temperatures low. conditions will help fighting the fire this morning. the wind in real time here in the area the wind up to about 4 mi. an hour really insignificant. as we head toward the afternoon winds will pick up once the fog burns off. we expect to get winds up to 13 mi. an hour that sustained winds gust could be as high as 80 mi. an hour a note to many
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people are wondering it's about 2 mi. west of the airport but the airport has not been affected at all. a quick peek at the 7 day around the bay. it might give you a good idea of what's going on. temperatures will warm up today some improvement out there back into the 80s inland mid-70s around the bay and los '60s for the coast. we will stay warm through the weekend saturday could be the nicest of the two days beginning with temperatures at 88 for inland, up or '70s around the bay, '60s for the coast cooler as we head towards next week. >> everybody is advised to stay away from the area clear of you drive is closed off as well as the north skyline boulevard off ramp. other than that to 80 remains unaffected right now. if you're headed to ward's as the
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fall there are no delays. highway 101 looking like an great alternative right now in your safest bet. a quick bay bridge check. very few cars westbound towards the city. a minute trip from the foot of the maze to fremont street. delay free ride from san mateo. conditions that but no problems whatsoever 101 looking like a great alternative at this hour. the golden gate bridge easy commute highway 37 is an easy trip. from novato into san francisco 22 minutes. >> for 20 1:00 a.m. a quick break. more pictures of that massive fireball arl. when we ce back more on the victims and the
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patients taking to the hospital. the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer @
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latest petition the latest out of san bruno a massive explosion that happened at 6:00 p.m. last any rocking an entire neighborhood. destroying dozens of homes. 53 homes destroyed, 120 damage. we have 10 fire engines out there and to wonder
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police officers to putting a perimeter around this neighborhood. search and rescue prepared to go into the affected area looking for survivors and other possible victims. it is too dangerous right now there's no dependent light of their the power is out. the have to wait for sunrise for people to win. this fire only 50 percent contained right now. they are trying to put out the fires that spread from home to home because of the high winds yesterday. the initial gas line explosion was intense. many people explaining their first reaction. they thought was a plane about to crash. they didn't know what it was until they saw her front lawn on fire and then her back lot on fire and that's when her family members ran out of the house. a lot of the folks were scrambling to get out of their
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area roads were jammed tried to flee the scene. literally running for their lives. a lot of people got it. many in shelters this morning. if there has been a couple of them set up. one set up at the veterans memorial. a lot of folks are there. some have turned to the church of the highlands. 1900 monterey drive. go there if you need assistance. if you found a temporary place to stay. you can go to these locations for food, water and information. we are being told by the red cross they are trying to do an accurate head count. so if you got out ok and you found accommodation with friends or neighbors and you have not gone to a shelter yet to give your name check off the list call the hotline. it's at the bottom of your screen. 650-
4:27 am
616-7180 they want you to call so they can crush you off the list and make sure you're ok. again we have video of people at the shopping center. this was one of the initial places to set up health care for people who were scrambling to get out of their homes. they are taking the nation's the red cross is as well. at this point money is what they need most. a lot of people are shown up with blankets and clothes. are rain now money is what they need so they can directly purchase exactly what they need. again donate if you can and sinister picture spirit if you have pictures of the scene this morning it europe at the shoulder and you take a few pictures of the scene. if you have pictures of last evening's fire send them to us and we'll
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incorporated into our continuing coverage this morning. we have to take a quick break will be back in manila.
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the latest on our breaking news story out of san bruno. a dramatic story that played out all night long into this morning we had huge gas main explosion. you can see how high these were leaping into the air. 80 ft.. we're talking about in eight story building. that's how high the flames were. it has been a devastating fire at least one person confirmed dead now by rescue personnel. 53 homes destroyed. neighborhood blocks gone. a giant crater being described at the scene right now. live pictures coming up shortly. 120 homes damaged. it
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all started with that massive fireball last night. read about 6:15 p.m. these are some of the latest pictures as rescue crews are there. search continues today for survivors they will be out there this morning. there was a state of emergency declared. all state resources are being deployed to help cope with this disaster. california's disaster emergency is out there, helicopters out there and tankers as well. we have a number of fire trucks are out there as well. 200 police officers there is well established and a perimeter. making sure nobody strays too close. also won the tell you to
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15 patients we want to talk about the patients. 15 patients were taken to area hospitals most want to kaiser in south san francisco most were released or transferred to a burn center. they are listed in critical condition nine patients were treated and released. people have been dropping off close at the hospital evening long. a lot of victims taken to the hospital with very little. just the clothes on the back. many not wearing much at all. that has been appreciated on behalf of the hospital. they have stuff to give to the patience to warm up here if some of the first reports that came in originally folks thought maybe a plane had gone now. there was a loud boom and rumble. we talk to people live in the neighborhood. >> we heard a plane sound. we
4:32 am
thought it was flying very low. it was a very loud noise. and then a big explosion after that. >> that's what a lot of people are describing. flames could be seen to the left of their house to the right of their house it was all they could do to get their families out as fast as they could. this is some of your pictures. folks obviously right there at ground zero. showing us the clouds smoke billowing into the area. home after home caught fire. the big culprit in the post explosion phase was the wind. that's what drove the fire through the neighborhood. again skyline boulevard that intersection is where the blame
4:33 am
block. pg&e has been trying to assess the damage here they came out with their response. the president says the company obviously were fully cooperate with the investigation. he described it as a tragic event and he said he really was to make sure he can make the area safe right now in terms of shutting off the gas and getting the fumes cleared out. rescue workers can get in there and do their job. he said if the investigation finds pg any is that false he says he will do the right thing for those involved. he says it is urgent and important that they baby part of this. we talk about the wins. you see the winds that carried embers from rooftop to rooftop. police has been looking at that from the weather center. >> that area has been known for the strongest wind in the bay area. the wind gets pushed reach
4:34 am
for the san bruno gap. the winds were 21 mi. an hour yesterday. the flames were getting pushed so quickly. current conditions much better this morning. the morning always seem lighter winds. they fluctuate 2 mi. an hour winds, still very low. temperature: there's well 56 degrees and humidity is high. conditions are good for firefighters this morning. we have another map here. they are starting to pick ups made near millbrae meadows. 6 mi. an hour. as we head into the afternoon once of fog burns off the winds will pick up again rain through december the gap through that area. sustained winds will be as strong as it were yesterday but it could be a problem in the afternoon. sustained winds 13 mi. an hour gust could reach 18
4:35 am
mi. an hour. not as strong as just today but still strong out there. it is 2 mi. west of the airport but the airport has not been affected. a quick peek at the 7 day around the bay temperatures warming up nicely today getting into the low eighties into the warmer inland spot '70s run bay and '60s for the coast. it will be warmer afternoon. warmer saturday temperatures getting up to about 88 inland, '70s around the bay and '60s around the coast. >> of free few road closures. as crews remain on the scene. claremont drive at glenview drive is closed off, the northbound skyline boulevard off ramp is closed. 280 is an affected but everybody still avoided the area as much as possible. 101 and highway one
4:36 am
may be the best bet for your morning commute. bay bridge toll plaza nice easy commute out there from the foot of the maze of remonstrate clocking in at 8 minutes. an easy ride at the cemetery bridge no problems are delays and either direction. 12 minutes across the span. no problems at the golden gate bridge just a couple of cars moving at the limits no problems for yourself bound ride coming in for marin novato into san francisco is 22 minute trip. >> we will continue the coverage of the massive explosion in san bruno. this is cellphone video that one of our viewers captured. it shows a scene there. huge pool of fire on the horizon and all that smoke billowing in the air. this was soon after the initial explosion at 6:15 p.m. last night this is
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a perspective from those on the ground. the neighborhood residents as they were confused they were not sure what was happening. then the fear and panic once they saw the fireball grow and enveloped more of the neighborhood. you can see the graphics 53 homes destroyed 120 damage. that expected to grow because this fire is only 50 percent contained. winds will be key factor. we had a chance to hear from the lieutenant governor who was at the tanned man center he has declared a state of emergency for the immediate area we have a graphic showing exactly what he said in a statement issued late last night. he said i will be closely monitoring decidua asian with cema and will insure swift as
4:38 am
the station begins to determine the cause. he said he commands the swift and courageous the california management agency has already started to direct state resources to the area. we will let you know when they arise. and what can be done to wrap up this thing as quickly as possible. we have evening video as well. this coming into the newsroom. showing you all of the fire in the distance making this spill glow orange. emergency workers still they're trying to get into the affected area to search for survivors. it is too hot and because it's too dark it's too dangerous to send search and rescue wind. they are waiting for first light. they are dropping fire retardant on
4:39 am
the house doing everything they can to get this fire controlled. we will be back with more of a moment.
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for 30 9:00 a.m. this is what the fire looks like on to help train last night this your saw the smoke. grab their cell phone and recorder that as the train passed by. obviously the smoke could be see for miles around. oakland international airport they said they could see the smoke from across the bay. we had a main test gas line explodes sending flames into the area. it started at skyline boulevard and then the fire spread to several blocks in all directions. 53 homes destroyed in this fire 120 damaged. there is unfortunately one death to report so far this morning.
4:41 am
search and rescue has yet to go into the area to search for any other victims that number could very well rise. this is another cellphone video shot from of your on the ground showing you all the flame spirit 80 ft. into thflames 80 ft. in the area. they said it sounded like an airplane crash. there was a loud thud but followed by rumbling sound. then vibration as a house is shocked. a lot of people ran into the streets that's when they witnessed home after home burst into flames literally in some instances. there was a mad rush of people jumping in their cars. everybody trying to get out of the area. a lot of them made it out just fine but there is fear some did not. it
4:42 am
happened at 615 last night a lot of people were sitting down to dinner. lot of folks were sitting down to watch the football game. then this happened. we did hear from the mayor let's take a listen. >> unfortunately it's a sunny day to more it will still be cloudy here there's a mass of tragedy. we won't know the full extent. fire crews and first responders have really not had a chance to get into the area because residual fires and some of these gases still in the residential lines. we will have to wait until daylight to make it safe for them to go down in see the full extent. >> again more video for you from capturing it from this perspective you can see how huge the fireball was. lookit house small those fire
4:43 am
houses of look. that giant column of flames going into the air. you have to imagine there were 4-5 homes in the middle of that fire. hard to know imagine anybody in those homes would of had time to get out. that is the nature of the explosion its instantaneous. in a split-second your houses involved in flames. we have one report of one victim that's in this fire. the worry again on the part of their body out there especially emergency responders is there may very well be more victims in the blast zone. the well head into that later this morning. once the sun comes up and the firefighters did it cooled off enough that they can get in there and look for survivors burie. this is video of fire trs
4:44 am
coming in. we have had resources' pouring in from san bruno and all over the county's. we also had it coming in from the state as well. cal fire has come in as well. this is obviously going to be a story we will follow for today the effects will be into the weeks and months ahead as the inventor is today. pg&e said it will take full responsibility if they are to blame for this.
4:45 am
back at 4:44 a.m. more pictures of the huge fireball gas line explosion in san bruno killing at least one person. many others still missing this morning. we will have information here a moment how you can register how
4:46 am
to let the emergency responders no day you made it out all right. pg&e has come out the were the first on the scene they shut down the gas that was supplying the fuel for this fire. they have done that. pg&e is president has come out and described this as a tragic event that one it sure it's safe right now. he went on to say his thoughts go out to everybody affected in this terrible situation. they go on to say party right now is help make the area safe we have crews on the scene and is making with emergency officials no cause has yet to be determined. we know a transmission line was ruptured if it is decided we are responsible for the accident which will take accountability. again he goes on to say he will do the right thing for those involved. pg any actively involved in every part of this investigation and ultimately the
4:47 am
reimbursement that may have to be paid out joining by jeff smith with the utility there. more now on the affected area. mr. smith good morning. can you hear me? has the gas is shut off. >> gas in the immediate area has been shut off. there are 300 homes without gas at this time. the priority right now is working with officials to help make the situation safe. first and foremost i need to mention our thoughts go out to everyone who has been impacted by the spirithis. our thoughts and pras are with them. >> i have no recollection
4:48 am
recollection of an event this magnitude. we have never seen anything like this in your lifetime i there? >> it is a terrible situation we are working with the first responders to make the situation safe. we are working with the red cross to make sure emergency shelter and necessity of life are provided. we're working with them. clearly it's a terrible terrible tragedy and our hearts go out to those. >> now you mentioned the gas has been shut off? has a gas clear the lines? >> hello? the other issue? >> we may have lost tampcam we l see and get him back on the line. as he said their thoughts
4:49 am
and poor school. they are part of th". we will get him back on. aside from p.j. any we have the red cross involved as well. they have set up a sharshelter spirie first one is that recreation center at 251 city parkway, the second one is certain church of the highlands. for people looking for information on family and friends who live in the area of the church of the highlands has that information for you. they are collecting it. which will give you a hot line as well. let coordinators' know
4:50 am
you made it out ok they are trying to get a head count. we have jumped back on the get phones. >> yes i can i don't know what happened. >> as the gas escapes the pipes? >> right now we are still making the situation safe. or think worth local responders to make the situation safe we will continue to do so until the folks on seen have determined the situation is safe. that is part of the process. >> so, we have reports some people slowing gas in the area obviously it is still fluid out there. any idea on when when we might have the all clear. >> i wouldn't want to speculate on that clearly the most important thing right now in
4:51 am
addition to making sure the media needs are met. we won make sure the situation is safe. for those who live in immediate era as well as emergency responders. so as you mentioned it's quite fluid we are working with people on scene to make it as safe as possible. >> let's go back to the initial explosion what you know about that? this is the larger main is that correct? >> a lot of the details had yet to be determined on that. that is very early in the process for that. the cause has yet to be determined. when no transmission line was ruptured. officials say that transports it to this tradition sites. that is. this
4:52 am
was a transmission line we know it was ruptured. if it is determined we are responsible we will take accountability. >> talk to me about the investigation right now what is pg any doing our you coordinating with investigators? >> >> we lost him again. we will work on getting him back on later on. again a hot line on the bottom of your screen. 650- 616-7180 it you got out safely please call that number they're trying to get an accurate headcount of everybody who lived in the neighborhood. if they want to know who they have to look for once they can send search and rescue into. if you
4:53 am
are find anybody else please call this number and let them know you are ok. let's talk about the weather. >> james all those pictures you were showing us shows the flames pushing horizontal leak. this area has some of the strongest winds in the bay area at the time of the explosion the winds were up to 21 mi. an hour as you can see right now big difference this morning. light and very variable. they have been fluctuating between 2 mi. an hour and 6 mi. an hour temperatures really low. that's what firefighters look for when they're trying to put fires out. we have been tracking the wind to give you an idea of what the winds are like. up to about 6 mi. an hour that is about as strong as the winds will bit this morning as we head into the afternoon once of fog lifts the wind will be pushed through dec.
4:54 am
no gas. that's why we get some of the strongest winds. winds will not be as strong as it were yesterday sustained winds could get up to 30 mi. an hour and gust could get as high as 18. you can see a huge difference in the afternoon. 7 day around the bay temperatures are expected to warm today and is today than yesterday temperatures up and the low 80s crinoline spots '70s around the bay low sixties for the coast appeared another warmup for your saturday saturday could be the nicest of the two weekdays. flirting with 90 degrees inland upper '70's around the bay and low sixties for the coast. cooler as we march into next week. >> we have road closure skyline boulevard is still closed as crews remain on the scene. as for the freeway's northbound skyline boulevard off ramp is shut down, to 80 is usable and
4:55 am
traffic remains unaffected if but you are cautioned to stay out of the areas much as possible. 101 or city streets are a good alternative. an easy ride across a span no signs of any over night construction the maist of remonstrate eight minutes. no problems in either direction across this ban on your ride through san mateo eastbound and westbound moving well in both directions. a solid rise to make your way down from marin county heading into the city right now south down traffic moving well very quiet outside right now. for novato to san francisco 22 minute trip. james. >> we will take a quick break with our continuing coverage.
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ollie are developing breaking
4:57 am
news story gas line explosion in san bruno. to 53 homes destroyed 123 others damaged. once confirmed that the spirit personnel responding to the scene more resources or in this morning. this is 50 percent contained. that long way to go. sending in rescue teams who have been on standby at all after night. it is too dangerous to go home to home. once the sun comes up will get a better assessment of the area. we will be back with more of a moment as kron 4 continues.
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allah5:00 a.m. and continue coverage of breaking news. a gas
5:00 am
line its lows yesterday evening at 6:15 p.m. in the hours to follow it will see an entire neighborhood in the suburbs erupted in flames homes destroyed 53 homes destroyed so far. this fire still growing 120 homes damaged. one person confirmed killed in this. the big fear is that number may grow. searcher rescue has yet to name in the area to look for victims. will tran standing life and i believe the command center. >> they will go door to door as soon as the door sun comes up family members have been here a truck frantically trying to get ahold of members family members. cell phone numbers are not working and 11 lines have been wiped out. i have talked to two-
5:01 am
three people who say they want a get closer to their loved ones homes. people coming from loss angeles. you and your uncle both live in l.a.. as soon as you saw the coverage what did you do? >> we realized it was in my grandmother's neighborhood we came up here. we packed a couple of t-shirts and robot. >> you guys were trying to call her? >> she's elderly she doesn't have a cell phone. she didn't want evacuate other. we knew we had to come up here she still up there. >> your uncle just off the phone. >> where ball to get the cellphone torso we are connected with turnout. she is ok. >> so no injuries she's just
5:02 am
below rattles. >> to say the least. >> perhaps you would try to convince her to >> leave> well i hope she doesn't need to be convinced the plan is once they allowed us up to the helper in the orderly way to come out of the house and find every place for her to be. >> you have seen coverage. as in the issues of sambar no-no has jute hesitation >> and you came. well as soon as we found out where she was we knew was her neighborhood so it was a no-brainer. >> joining me now is grace met with the red cross to talk about the numbers 53 homes destroyed 120 damaged. your role is the human element what is going on with people who lost
5:03 am
all his or simply evacuate it. >> we provide them with a safe place to be and food and hydration. we have volunteers that are crisis counselors. at the shelters right now we have all of those elements for those people to come if they choose to take advantage of that. the challenge for us is going to be determined to we have have we reached everybody. do we know in fact who needs assistance. that will be an ongoing challenge. >> there are a lot of on account of people people may be o.k. but don't know where this check-in. is there a number people can contact? >> go to american red cross web site. and you can put transformation in their people can go to that site and find information and know you are ok.
5:04 am
we have been taking names at the shelters to ensure we have accurate list of individuals we have come in contact with an individual's who won give information. if somebody is looking for them. >> so anybody checked into the shelter as soon as you get there give your name so we can cross you off the list. >> exactly. >> james i will be out here throughout the morning giving you the latest information i know that the acting governor will be here in about two hours to give a new news conference hopefully we will get more formation of what's going on. being here i can tell you i did not see flames as i drove here. he usually is foggy around here you know today is not fog its thick smoke. it's pretty nasty. >> thank you will if you could do me a favor if there's any
5:05 am
fire personnel we are getting word that possibly six people were confirmed killed in the spirit if you could get that confirmed. >> i will put a phone call into the fire department. as far is the red cross knows three fatalities. if that number changes its of fluid situation right now red cross is saying three fatalities. >> for those who were injured in this let's talk real quick about who was said to the hospital. 15 people were taken to the hospital. 15 total most of those all but two went to kaiser medical center they have been released or transferred to a burn center according to the latest information. for patients were transferred to st. francis burn unit. they are in critical condition this morning. they are not out of the woods. nine
5:06 am
patients were treated and released. that is the latest on the number of people injured. as you heard from well red cross upping the fatality number. we started the morning with one confirmed. they're now saying three. the fire chief in a separate interview with cnn saying as many as six people may have been killed. this explosion caused massive fireball that spread quickly. that fire is 50 percent contained this morning people literally running from their homes for their lives. many relatives of these are still missing this morning cars have not been able to search for them because this scene is too dangerous. they will reassess the situation at 6:00 a.m.. 200 firefighters are at the scene. police are the same as well so
5:07 am
we will get more from the scene with will tran. we also have sound actually the latest from denver mint. here's the latest. >> the end of sequoia looking down into the bottl valley. this where we saw the huge orange fireball. you see right now even though it is very late at night we still of fire trucks at the perimeter of the area. fire crews will be here stages in front of houses that have not burned and trying to knock down the fire and other areas. we talked to residents some sleep for their lives. they sell their houses burned down. others said they smelled natural gas for three weeks. they said pg&e to a mild but all they told them to do is close the doors. they don't know if there was any follow-up after that. again as
5:08 am
we move for several hours later you can see right now thick gray smoke continuing to build through the sky right now is fire crews continued to try and get a handle on this. >> as we look at some video we collected over last 12 hours you can see a lot of fire personnel on the scene. you can see the smoke as well. it is moving almost horizontal here. the san bruno gap notorious for high winds. that is what past the fire so fast. let's find out what the winds are doing this morning and what they will do today. >> this area is susceptible to strong winds. the morning hours are the best hours in terms of the winds. it is light and variable this morning fluctuating between 2-6 mi. an hour. they're about 3 mi. an hour right now temperature is
5:09 am
cool at 55 degrees and humidity is 80%. this is favorable for fighting fires appeared in the afternoon it will change. the winds have gone down in the past hour they were at six now they are down at 1-2 mi. an hour. what typically happens during the day a pattern pretty much daily light winds in the morning then the fog burns off the winds push through the san bruno gap that's why it's susceptible to strong winds. gust today expected to be less than yesterday but still strong. they could get high as 18 mi. an hour sustained winds could be at 13 mi. an hour. it is 2 mi. west of the airport but so far that has not been affected. once the smoke thickens up in may cause problems. your 7 day around a bake temperatures expected to
5:10 am
warm up into the 80s 76 around the bay '60s for the coast. tomorrow will be warmer than that 88 inland, 78 around the bay, low sixties for the coast. saturday will be the nicest of the two days and cooling off next week. >> 80 is open and moving well right now. the freeway is still usable but authorities say please state of the area as much as possible. as for city streets it is still closed as emergency crews battled the blaze. i will give you a quick bridge check. traffic moving well right now coming from all approaches at the westbound towards the city. it is a pretty easy ride making your way through san mateo nice and easy ride by 10:00 a.m. more with the
5:11 am
our real national pastime?
5:12 am
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5:14 am
you see here on the screen pictures of the breaking news story gas explosion in sambar know they have not been able to do search and rescue after the ruptured gas line caused the explosion. six alarm fire. danger is just too high right now. they will convene at 6:00 a.m. to review damage and determine when the king going to the blast. nine cities in san mateo county responded which burned more than 150 homes loss nine we have come for an 53 homes have been destroyed. at least three people now confirmed dead. 200 law enforcement officials providing parameter control. firefighters trying to stop the of the fire from spreading to more homes. we have an audio clip from our resident. she says it was frightening.
5:15 am
>> did you hear the explosion? >> it was huge it fell like an earthquake. i got scared i have felt them before but this one the whole house shook. i got up to go into a doorway. my living room filled with an orange glow. i went by front door and looked out and everything was flames. >> here we have video up captured by cellphone and posted on we have heard from utility company they released a statement this morning they are actively involved in not only tried to get the situation under control. but the investigation as well. we heard from the president he called this a tragic event. the company has an official statement. our thoughts go out to everybody affected by this
5:16 am
situation our priority is to make this area safe. we're working with officials and those cause has yet been determined we know a transmission line was ruptured. accountability. he went on to say he said he would do the right thing for those involved. we will take a quick break at 515 and be right back. jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty.
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it's a belief in everything we do.
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it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match. 5:18 a.m. breaking story continuing to be the gas main explosion there resulted in 53 homes and burned to the ground 120 destroyed. confirmation three people dying in this incident that number likely to grow as search and rescue will get a chance to go wind and assess the damage. to see who may have been the victim in all this appeared as we look at
5:20 am
this house and often times we want to talk about insurance. this will be information. the insurance informational were talking about that. i am well. for folks who are victims of this. obviously there shot right now once that subsides the big question on their mind where do we go from here? if you have done for insurance whop the throat. >> the person we want no access is the damage is covered by home owners insurance copy. those people who have cars that were damaged will be covered under a bottle insurance. the first thing they want to do is contact their insured but the know the situation more they can be reached. a lot of people are
5:21 am
out of homes so we need a cell phone number or another family not number. some wearing the ensure can contact you. >> are homeowners going to rack their brains to come up with everything that was in the home. what is a process in assessing what people will be reimbursed for. >> obviously we are seeing many homes completely destroyed in this catastrophe. one of the things they will work with is and ensure they contact the insurer and walk them through the process. what kind of things they had from room to room. from that they can ascertain what sort of things need to be covered. hopefully they have the inventory on file. this will take a bit of time obviously a
5:22 am
traumatic experience so it will take time to remember exactly head. >> along process will this be before people can get compensation. >> is in many cases in a situation like this they can receive checks almost immediately for some of the things. one of the things is additional living expenses that covers a spirit hotel stays food, clothing, many people were asked to leave with nothing about what they had on their backs. so they went out with nothing. they will need to get close keep receipts. very important keep their receipts. so you can be reimbursed for the expenses. much of that will happen within the next couple of days. >> >> think you for talking with us this morning a lot of
5:23 am
information will hopefully will talk to you later this morning for folks who did not hear this interview. we have to take a quick break we as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and
5:24 am
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5:26 am
5:25 a.m. here is the quick look as some of the video captured late last night. probably as you are going to bed last night the huge fireball that to date has engulfed 120 homes in flames 53
5:27 am
homes destroyed. actually more than 120 damage. will tran has is standing by at command center in sambar know. when is the latest? >> i put a phone call into the fire department to get the latest right now they are inundated with phone calls as soon as i hear back i will let you know. the big task is to put out the fire but also for family members is trying to get ahold of unaccounted family that is out there. the red cross is checking into an evacuation center let them know so they can crush her name off the list so they don't have to go looking for you. people are starting to come down to the command center. you are here to track down a second cousin any luck? >> i'm trying to locate my great
5:28 am
uncle my grandmother's brother moved to san bruno in 1939. liz passed away lasmo and they live north of the area that burned i am trying to find out if anybody is involved because there are all they're scattered all over the area. >> the land lines or cell phones? >> lynn lines are dead and i don't have cellphone numbers. i went to to the 80 you can get through. >> you went to a center and didn't find your family. >> the name is not on the list when i went to the center. >> so what's going through your mind this morning? >> it seems to me north of san bruno is ok but south is the
5:29 am
area affected. it sounds like the family is not involved. >> we will be
5:30 am
lots of us are sick or hurt we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
5:31 am
5:30 a.m. continuing breaking news story on kron 4 is the situation in samper know where we had huge gas line explosion 53 homes destroyed, 120 damaged by the flames. this fire is 50 percent contained. they're trying the best to get the national natural gas cleared out of the system so search and rescue kane had then and do a house-to-house search for survivors. four other victims in this. the latest count confirmed three people have been killed in this. the number could rise as search and rescue began all home to home search. video
5:32 am
coming in from a lot of different sources. people sending in a video of their own captured on their cell phone video. we have video from the ground in san mateo where firefighter talks about the scene. >> the fire engine and just up the other way. the hole in the ground is as big as the intersection there. its huge. the reason they had a problem is we blew out a water main there was no water they're shoveling water and right now waiting for water. they did not have water for half hour. >> for one of the complicating factors the explosion blew out the water main. if they had no pressure. this fire is on a hillside section of sambar know so water pressure was not enough and it helped complicated. this
5:33 am
is a fire truck trying to get water on a home. the winds caused the fire to spread quickly from house to house embers loan from the wind. now we have the situation we have now with 120 homes damaged not including the 53 that have been burned to the ground. that is following the wind. >> december of that because as the valley is susceptible to the fog in the morning also to winds in the afternoon. yesterday some of the strongest winds in the bay area. winds actually got to 21 mi. an hour during the time of the explosion. today you can see the current conditions at about 55 for the temperature soak will live the winds blowing at 3 mi. an hour. pushing the
5:34 am
flames toward some samper san bruno west. we have been tracking the winds in the area it has been 1-2 mi. an hour winds. this is good in terms of fire fighter weather out there. winds that the current minute are up to 5 mi. an hour in some of the strongest locations. towards the afternoon and fog will burn off and the winds will kick up. winds will get up to about 13 mi. an hour but it could be as high as 18. it could be another day of high winds out there not as highs yesterday but closed. again this morning is the best time for fire fighting efforts heading toward the afternoon weather conditions to decrease in terms of helping them out. >> skyline boulevard has reopened just moments ago. glenview drive still close this morning as well as other city
5:35 am
streets they are still trying to handle the aftermath of the explosion in san bruno. authorities say stabbed the area as much as you can. to lady still open but please continue to drive past the scene. >> 5:34 a.m. continuing to talk about the red cross shelters. you see them on your screen. veterans memorial recreation center, located at 251 city park way, for those people who are trying to locate members of the family. the second shoulder has been set up at the church of the highlands. it's acting as a receiving center they have information on survivors on the spirit if you need information had their tariffs scores of people have made other
5:36 am
arrangements are ready date. those affected who made accommodations to stay with friends or neighbors were urged to register with the city's emergency hotline at 650-616- 7180. they're trying to get an accurate headcount of those who made it out safely. and that will give them a better idea of who may be trapped. let's go to the scene we have flames 80 ft. in the air at times. dan o ♪ [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring.
5:37 am
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5:40 am
at the bay hill shopping center in san bruno. we have the latest in that vantage point. >> behind all of those numbers are people whose homes have been destroyed people who were home at the time. your home at the computer your home is fine this morning. what were you doing at the time when this gas line exploded. can you walk us through it. >> i was on the computer at the far end of the house appeare. ai heard what i thought was a train rumbling through. i thought something in my kitchen exploded i ran to the kitchen as again i looked out the patio door. i saw
5:41 am
this enormous fireball. >> i heard it was 100 ft.. how big was it. >> it was huge. it was huge! all i could think of is a large jet plane went straight down because it was not spread out it was one huge fireball. >> did you see any homes on fire at that point? >> the homes i could see had not caught fire yet. i was just looking at the fireball. i turned on the news they said it was a gas station. and i looked over and the gas station was there and it was and that. >> a gas line. >> what we didn't know at that time. >> what 13 mind at that time. thank goodness it's most of us have never seen anything like a pat on your
5:42 am
>> i thought i am going to lose my house? then i thought no the wind is blowing from the west so it is blown away from me. will that was about it. >> your inside your coffee shop with their neighbors and friends for a date? >> if we are fortunate we didn't lose our homes. i feel sorry for these people i think we will go donate blood. >> i will leave you with this. he says he has when so many pots and the fact you are live i think he won the lottery. >> i think i did too. >> i will grab everybody i can grab my hands on. i'm going to is trying get ahold of the fire department to get any new information. >> thank you very much we will
5:43 am
take you a quick break much more coverage to come again as we continue the very latest and the aftermath of a giant explosion there.
5:44 am
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5:46 am
5:45 a.m. (no audio) that is where we have a command center. we have been talking to will tran with the latest can operate from a command center. from various positions kron 4 viewers have said in a video taken from the cell phones. we will share that throughout the day. in case you have just joined us 53 homes destroyed after a mass of gas explosion in san bruno. three
5:47 am
people confirmed dead. this is a disaster declaration has been stated. we have the lieutenant governor in san bruno as well he shared some of his thoughts. >> i had a close view it looks like a bomb went off. there is ash fall all over the road fireplaces are standing up with no structures next to them. i must say tisch shocked to let them know this is the horrible tragedy. >> a state of emergency has been declared for san bruno. state assemblyman live leland came out as well he is talking about what they can do what the state level to free up resources. they have activated the california emergency service. they are on
5:48 am
the scene with cal fire as well. they're working to see what they can do what the legislative level to get more funding. we are following that angle as well. they have been at the command center as well. we will go through the weather center as well. because the weather was a culprit in starting the fire. notorious for the wins and that's what blue embers from rooftop to rooftop. >> in terms of what there yesterday this is one of the worst places that have been the winds are so strong through december no gap. some of the strongest in the area. the winds gusted to 20 mi. an hour different story this morning those winds have been really light of their fluctuating between 1-2 mi. an hour up to about 6 mi. an hour wind. humidity is high right now of
5:49 am
temperatures are low winds are light those are all things you want here as a firefighter to put this lanes out. the winds minute by minute up to 5 mi. an hour now, a few minutes ago there at one as we towards the afternoon once the fog burns off we will see the winds pick up through the san bruno gap. we will get winds up to 30 mi. an hour sustained. gust could get up to 80 mi. an hour. not quite as strong as yesterday but it will be windy. we will keep you updated as we go through the show. >> to a on and off ramps have reopened. it is best to stay away from the scene as much as possible dealing with the aftermath. if you have to take to wait just move along. use as
5:50 am
their streets instead. at glenview drive also remains closed at this hour. >> we will take a quick break back with more coverage of the neighborhood destroyed in san bruno because of a mass of gas line explosion coverage continues in a moment.
5:51 am
as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
5:52 am
5:53 am
we are back time now 5:53 a.m. the latest developments out of san bruno this morning where
5:54 am
firefighters still working to stop a fire that erupted yesterday at 6:15 p.m. at san bruno ave. as the burden of san bruno. this is what happened after exploded home after home you robson flames to the point where we have 53 homes completely burned to the ground. 120 seriously damaged in this three people confirmed dead. an entire block literally went up in flames. we have a videographer out there that this is what he had to say. >> the he was amazing. it was to the point where i had to put on some wild land fire fighting gear just to shoot what i shot. the sound coming out of the ground was unbelievable it was a very continue route loud roar of
5:55 am
the gas in flames. there was a house raid in front of me that was completely on fire. there were several cars burning the fire was burning from home to home. >> loses been talking about that. the mayor of san bruno calling this a massive tragedy we are able to talk to him. >> unfortunately it's a sunny day tomorrow it will still be very cloudy in san bruno. we have a mass of tragedy. problem for to morning couple davis after that. first responders have had not had a chance to get into the area because of residual fires and some of the gas in the residential lines. we will have to wait till daylight to make it safe for them to go down and see the full extent. >> we have photographs to show
5:56 am
with you as well. latest images from the ground as we look at helicopters very nice to see the flames the size of the flame spirit we can see over the rooflines the fireball in the distance. this captured that scene. this is what it looks like around the gas mains. keep sending us pictures as well we have an e-mail address at the bottom of the screen there. a lot of viewers have been showing us some photographs we had it all night long. we will continue with pictures through the day be a part of it and go to our web site as well. as sister story develops throughout the day. more formation between our newscast go to our web site. we have a lot more coverage on kron 4 morning news so stick run for that. before we go to break san bruno parks school district says
5:57 am
all elementary schools will be closed for the day. cappuccino high school will remain open. class's as scheduled today if you have a student there you need to go to school. safeway are standing by with packed lunches and water to the victims and also the firefighters. they are out there at the shelters if you need food or water and you are a victim had there and let them know you are ok. they're trying to get a head count. there is an emergency hot line. 650- 616- 7180 but they are trying to figure out who made it out all right and who might still be in need of help. let them know you are ok. we will be back at the need of help. let them know you are ok. we will be back at the top of the hour. we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids
5:58 am
i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
5:59 am

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